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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
The manager of England has to say now what he wants and expects from the players. Unless he does that there is seemingly no chance that they will adapt. They can do it.
I agree, it needs to be agreed upon from all levels. A blueprint is what is needed i'd of thought, the new football centre seems to be closer than it's been for awhile, aswell as smaller pitches for kids being discussed. The stepping stones are there I think.

Germany did it in 2000 and look where they are now. There is an awful lot of work needed to be done, and even if we get it right we probably won't start seeing results for another 10 years at least. It's something we have to commit to though.

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Fena - Yes, at last Spurs seem to be getting somewhat more active, and this Sahin for Modric + 30M could be great for us. Sigurdsson I like a lot and see him as a good VdV replacement. The Vertonghen saga is trying my patience to breaking point. We dedperatey need him IMO. And I expect AVB to bring in a few more ppl in the next couple of weeks, including (hopefully) the likes of Mutinho, Hulk, D'Oliveira, etc!
I think there should be alot of optimism for Spurs fans. This summer is very important for them, get the right manager in and bring in Vetonghen, Sahin, Sigurdsson (excellent young replacement for van der Vaart, as you say) and then use the £30 Million on a top striker and you have the spine in place. I think most top teams have a very strong spine, the Cech, Terry, Lampard, Drogba spine through the middle at Chelsea was the foundation for the success over the last 10 years for instance.

When you think the likes of Bale, Walker, Lennon etc.. are also there, all still young. They're doing ok.
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