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Originally Posted by kme5150 View Post
You do if you want to play the best players and you live in a weak section. You need to remember that everybody doesn't live in FL. Not every area has a place like Cambier Park in Naples where there are top juniors, former college, and pros to hit with at any time.

I agree, I wish there were 4 Supers and that was it. Make the draws 512 and play 2 matches a day or make it a 128 draw and have a 4 round qualifier. The cream would rise to the top.
I'm actually not opposed to a concept along these line. I suspect you are being sarcastic with the 512 draw size, but conceptually, fewer tournaments, but equally distributed throughout the year, with larger draws(not smaller) and two matches per day and two day qualifier. The qualifier only extends the tournament for those who have to play it. Schedule the final for Monday, only two kids have to change there flight plans.
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