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Originally Posted by WCT View Post
Still, seems like a lot when we're talking about his best serving ever because he got broken once in addition to the other break points. Overall, obviously, it was not that unusual for Connors to face break points. Thing is, Segura specified how good he served that day. The best he had ever seen. I sure wish some more of that match showed up. Don't know the original source. Looks like a network feed with the timer like the Laver match.

To be clear, Segura's comments are from 1976, at the latest. Connors did develop more touch shots as his career progressed, but there weren't many in the 74-75 matches I have.
Connors had a pretty good drop shot, not at Orantes,Panatta,Santana ,Nastase or Gene Mayer´s level, but a reliable one and a pretty good % of points won.

Did anybody recall Borg using a drop shot? I mean, from the baseline, not his pattented dead volleys...
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