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I came late to the party, so I'm opening the can of worms again.

Health care needs reform. Period.

I have no insurance. I have tried, several times. Cobra was way too expensive. Any other plan I applied for (which I could afford) denied me for pre-existing conditions. Such as...about 8 years ago I had two moles removed on my back. Nothing was wrong, they were benign, but they irritated me and, since I spend a fair amount of time in the sun, I thought it best to have them removed.

When I applied, I got a phone call, first asking me about the procedure (which I had completely forgotten about) and then practically accusing me of lying about having had skin cancer.

Same company also used my one and only UTI as a reason to deny me coverage. UTIs are VERY VERY VERY common, especially in women. The fact that I've had only one in my life is somewhat of a miracle.

I also have an endocrine disorder for which I take no medication and really have been asymptomatic for about 6 or so years. DENIED.

Do I deserve to have coverage? What do you think Hollywood? Because to me it sounds like you think affordable health care is a bad idea? I'm not a slacker...I work and go to school. Shouldn't I have coverage if something happens to me???

And, before anyone asks, no, NOVA doesn't offer health care to their students, but they recommend a few companies. They thing that is biting me in the arse of course, is pre-existing condition (which thankfully won't be an issue in a few years). A fellow student told me about 'bridge' insurance from Kaiser, but they are no longer accepting applications.

I'm considering Medicaid, but I'm not sure if I will qualify. I've looked into PCIP, as well, but it is kind of pricey for me, too.
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