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Originally Posted by Mike Y View Post
On the flip side occasionally I will have an opponent ask me "What could I have done better in this match?" And I'm thinking I don't know, serve harder, hit more winners, lose weight? And I don't want to insult the person by saying something like your volleys suck, hence all the drop shots, or your backhand sucks, that's why you never saw a forehand. So I usually just say something like "Work on your consistency", which is just about the most obvious advice that you can give. Yes, more consistency helps, that's the secret! Lol
Even when people ask, they may not really want to know.

I once went to my team's match as an alternate and watched the doubles. After my pals lost, they asked me what they could do better. I said, "sometimes it looked like you were standing still at net and not doing a split step."

They looked a bit underwhelmed with my observation.
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