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Default 1st hit with YPTP

Played 3 hours of doubles tonight; 1 hour each with YPTP, 0s/4s and vs team og/4s. YPTP feels comfortable for a poly but you can still feel that it's a full bed poly. The spin, control and power were good. The feel is WEIRD. It feels like the whole stringbed makes a pinging sound as if there is no sweetspot. I have a hard enough time hitting the ball on the sweetspot as it is. I need the forgiving feel of gut/poly to compensate for my lack of hand/eye coordination, not make me feel I'm mishitting the ball more than I actually am.

For $9 YPTP is a good poly but not a special poly like ALU, Ltec and RPM. I would still take Iontec Black over YPTP at this price range. I think I'm done with full poly for a while. My arm gets too fatigued and sore after an hour or 2. I almost wince when I have to serve after 2 hours. I'm going to try Tonic BF BT7/4s at 50/50 (like the movie.) Tonic BT7 is SO STIFF at 55, I don't know if 52 or 53 is going to soften it up much. So I'm going straight to 50. Hope I don't waste a 1/2 set of gut.
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