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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Do I deserve to have coverage? What do you think Hollywood? Because to me it sounds like you think affordable health care is a bad idea? I'm not a slacker...I work and go to school. Shouldn't I have coverage if something happens to me???
There are probably parts of it that are good for you then. But I dont think of those, I only think about myself.

As I saids before Im so rich I will have to pay another .9% on my taxes. So instead of paying 35% i will now have to pay 35.9% (even though I'll still end up paying about 25% regardless). Meanwhile all these less fortunate schlubs who cant go out and real job making at least 150K/yr (which is so easy to do).

What if you were a major shareholder in an insurnace company and you could just drop and pickup whoever you wanted whenever you wanted. Som body like you is not good for bottom dollar. We dont poeople like you up in using our insurance making us pay out and only make 100 million a year instead 101 million. We want everyone to pay us 5K a year and never go to the doctor once in thier lives that way I can play golf at pebble beach (500 per round) and ferraris instaed of playing Bulle Rock (125 a round) and drive a corvette.

So once again

Eff this health care reform
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