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Originally Posted by tennischemist View Post
‎"she can't have everything, there's got to be a little bit of a chink there"

Chris Evert on Sharapova playing Hsieh Su-Wei of Taiwan.

i'm not going to work today

radek stepanek is ugly

Whats wrong with that?

One or both of them have a little bit of chink somehwhere. Its fininding that little bit of chink and exploiting it into a bigger chink that is the key to victory.

Nadal had a little bit of chink and Rosol went ace-ace-ace to blast a hole right through any armor that was left around that chink.

Doesnt Stepanek bang like super hot tennis player chics though. I think a bunch of those broads have mental problems. Trust me I have a few myself I know these things.
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