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Originally Posted by tennischemist View Post
you'd think ESPN would have learned after the "chink in the armor" Jeremy Lin fiasco to avoid that symbolism when describing sporting events involving east asian people
I can see your point.

So there is somethign wrong with one of these senatnces?

TFM (god rest his soul) had a huge chink chink in his armour and that was his appetite kepping his fitness level at a sub par level.

That HW just eats too much and is out of shape, If his fitness was better he would elimate that huge chink in his armour and probbaly hit better volleys and backhands becasue he would be not tiresd and in better postion all the time.

I also like saying huge in front of chink becuase a chink by defintion is a small crack that can prove fatal. By saying huge chink I am pretty much saying its not a chink at all but just a regular hole or crack. But I have to use adjedtives at a 6th grade level whenever possible.
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