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Default FS: 80s Graphite-Composite Mids (Pro Kennex, Spalding)

Have a few old-school, 80s midsize frames for sale. These are flexy, thin box-beam Pro Staff 85 imitators with 85-90 heads. Pro Kennexes are a graphite/fiberglass composite and have the Isometric head shape similar to Yonex frames.

Would prefer to sell all 3 for $40.00 shipped USPS w/Delivery Confirmation.

1. Pro Kennex Composite Ace Strung 8/10, weighed in at 12.2oz, 16x19, 4 5/8, strung with Isospeed Baseline Spin 17L @ 45lbs, but will need to be re-strung as it has just been sitting in the closet. Includes original case, red Pete Sampras O vibration dampener, and original Pro Kennex cowhide leather grip.

2. Pro Kennex Composite Ace Unstrung 7.5/10, weighed in at 11.9oz, 16x19, 4 1/2, unstrung. Includes a sweet black, Donnay leather grip. Couldnt find original case for this one, so Ive included a Head Graphite Edge case with it.

3. Spalding Pro-Flite 20 7.5/10, weighed in at 11.8oz, 16x19, 4 1/2 built up to 4 5/8 with heat-shrink sleeve, unstrung. Currently doesnt have a grip, just the heat-shrink sleeve. Includes original case.

If interested, please contact Thanks.
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