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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I'd say they're pretty much twins!

I think if Modric played for Barcelona he wouldn't look too out of place alongside Xavi and Iniesta with the passing, that's probably as big a compliment as you can give him.
I try not to watch Spurs too much on tv these days so i'll take the Moncs ref, I didn't realise he was that good. Now I think if he was up to Ian Bishops class then he'd displace Iniesta!
It is hard to judge some players, Hammers had a full back on loan last year George Mcartney, he seemed solid all year but nothing amazing (apart from one goal I think away at Cardiff that even he seemed suprised by) yet he won all the players awards given out amongst themselves. Just shows that sometimes the other players appreciate different things than are obvious.
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