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Default Arrogant Federer - Comments on Nadal's loss

Federer said that while his opinion is nothing against Nadal on a personal level, it was good to see that upsets are still possible.

"I think 15 years ago you had matches like this so much more often on the faster surfaces, that a guy could catch fire and just run through you," Federer said. "Today it's virtually impossible because you make so many more returns these days and conditions are so much slower with the elements. Whereas it was just amazing to see that it was possible. Okay, he didn't play like that for five sets, but in the fifth it was just a joke. I was laughing because of his performance for 10 minutes after that. I couldn't believe that he pulled it off the way he did. Of course I do feel bad for Rafa because it's a tough loss; it's Wimbledon; it's the way things happen."

Shouldnt Fed be more classy ?

Before we launch a Fed vs Nadal vs Djoko war, please think how the forum would react if Novak or Nadal had said 'It is good to see an upset' if Fed lost to Julien B ?

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