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Entire presser:
Q: Roger, a lot of us have not seen a guy play the way Rosol did last night, especially in a pressure situation - how much sympathy did you feel for Rafa going down that way?

A: Well, This is not against Rafa - but it was nice to see it was still possible, because I think 15 years ago you had matches like this so much more often on the faster surfaces, that a guy could just catch fire and just run through you.

Today it's virtually impossible because you make so many more returns these days and conditions are so much slower, with the elements its so much harder to that state I think, where as it was just amazing to see it was possible. Ok, he didn't play like that for 5 sets but in the 5th it was just a joke and I was laughing because of his performance for 10 minutes after that. I couldn't believe it that he pulled it off the way he did.

Of course I do feel bad for Rafa, because it's a tough loss, its Wimbledon, it's the way things happen. You figure he was not the overwhelming favourite going into the 5th, outdoors but....we've all been unlucky and lucky over the years, playing in tough, better or worse conditions for yourself or for the opponent, that they just equal out over the course of your career really.
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