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OMG, Redknapp is already trying to cause AVB and Levy some problems. And what BLX the man spouts as well!

Perhaps he thinks we've forgotten he was all set to ditch Tottenham in a heartbeat for England, as well as blowing an all but wrapped up, gilt-edged chance for CL qualification with an unprecedented run of managerial ineptitude?!

As someone has answered below the article, it is indeed all so self-serving.

Anyhow, out with the old, in with the new, for better or worse, AVB is about to be grabbing the headlines as he'll be officially announced in the next few days.

As for Redknapp, expect to see him managing a middle-tier PL side pretty shortly I imagine, and doubtless not too far up North. Okay, a bit on the theoretical side or whatever, but I wouldn't be altogether shocked if the Allardyce-hating Hammers went back to HR in the event of Big Sam's dire style of football yielding a poor start to their season.
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