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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

As for Redknapp, expect to see him managing a middle-tier PL side pretty shortly I imagine, and doubtless not too far up North. Okay, a bit on the theoretical side or whatever, but I wouldn't be altogether shocked if the Allardyce-hating Hammers went back to HR in the event of Big Sam's dire style of football yielding a poor start to their season.
Too many bridges were burnt there for him to return, something went on with him and the legend that is Billy Bonds that caused him to not goto the club he served so well for almost 15 years, hten when he actually left the rumours have never been clear4ed of all the tranfer dealings of sales that he was entitled to a piece of.(How can that be correct that a manager of a club has a clause entitling him to a % of any players he agrees to sell?)
Afraid the stuff in the press is just the start, it'll go on for as long as he has mates to ask the right questions (or untill he gets a new job).
Rather have Zola back...............
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