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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
The site looks good, but I see they don't offer shorts for lefties. Their shorts are cut to have a huge pocket on the left side to hold tennis balls.

I'm sure they're a good product but I prefer to support companies that are "right-minded" or at least even minded...
I might need to clarify a pocket issue.
as you can see from the picture below.
shorts' pocket size should not be a problem for left handed players
right size pocket can hold 5 balls and left size pocket can hold 6 balls.
I tried several other companies' shorts (EX:fed us version shorts hold 5 balls.)

Originally Posted by PhotoBlue View Post
Why don't they just make the pockets even? Never seen this before
tried something new haha.
Actually, one day I finished a very long match and I was very tired.
when I drove my car and waiting for a traffic light. my right feet was firmly pushing a brake pedal. I tried to reach a cell phone in right pocket but it was too deep to pull it out then I stretched my right leg a little to pull out cell phone. I almost have a cramp at that moment. similar thing happen at taco bells drive through (Pull out a wallet). I thought it might be useful if one of shorts pocket is less deep.
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