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Originally Posted by Tmano View Post
Pleasure working with you!!!
I'm curious where do you guys find all this pics?
A partial answer is found in this older reply provided to someone who wanted to know why one of his favorites wasn't posted here. It gives you an idea of where to find some (but not all) of them.

Originally Posted by Larry Lava View Post
Where are these pictures supposed to come from? She doesn't win enough to get photographed by the mass media and she doesn't have enough devoted/rabid fans to post private pics that can be reposted here. Not even the luckiest man on earth, Ralf Reinecke, has "had her" in one of his photo shoots. Bottom line, she's been posted here but not often for the reasons just stated (and likely others). Your best bet is a personal appeal to JBF, IB1, RP, or another frequent poster with a large cache to draw from. Then again, what's stopping you from contributing? That might get the ball rolling. Here's a place where you can find 533 pictures of her. There's another 564 here. Looking forward to your next post with Stephanie pictures.

P.S. I just paid a visit to the "other place" where she has her own forum and nobody has posted anything there for four days, and no pics anywhere.

P.P.S. I just paid a visit to her social media sites and found virtually nothing. Even if nobody was promoting her, she could self-promote but has chosen not to. Even her own website,, hasn't been updated in almost a year!



Ok, maybe she is somewhat talented.
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