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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Navratilova is the grass court GOAT. What reason is there to believe Steffi would do better on grass vs the grass GOAT than on decoturf with both in their primes. The Wimbledon H2H is more in Steffi's favor only since their meetings came in 88 and 89 when MN was even more aged and past her prime than she already was in 86 and 87, plus 1988 was a major slumping year for Navratilova, even by her past prime standards, probably her worst year of tennis after 1994. Wimbledon 89 was probably one of the best slams Graf ever played, above her usual level, and in her true best year of tennis she would ever produce.

Navratilova would probably dominate Graf even more thoroughly at Wimbledon in their mutual primes than the U.S Open, based on the simple fact that is Navratilova's most dominant surface and slam, and the place she is consdered best ever on. You also didnt mention the WTA Championships, where Navratilova the carpet/indoor GOAT would also have the edge.

A 30 year old Navratilova outplayed and should have beaten a prime Steffi in the 87 French Open final, only didnt due to a bad choke especialy in the first game she served for it with 2 double faults and 4 errors, so Steffi having the edge there prime on prime is questionable at best. Rebound ace is probably Graf's worst surface, and Navratilova didnt get to play there once during her prime, so who knows even there.
LOL What a washep up has been Navratilova was in those years. She was only the 6 times defending champs. at Wimbledon in '88, with a year of 70-7, 9 titles, and in '89 she was 73-7 with 8 titles. LOL

And it's 2-1 for Graf at Wimbledon. How can you assume Nav. would beat Graf there time and time again?

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