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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I concur:

Tournament wins- Court 199, Navratilova 167, Evert 158, Graf 107
Most Australian Opens- Court
Most French Opens- Evert
Most Wimbledons- Navratilova
Most U.S Opens in Open Era- Evert
Most WTA Championships- Navratilova
Most Overall Slams- Court
Most Dominance- Navratilova
Most Longevity- Navratilova
Most Consistency- Evert
Most Accomplishments- Court
Best Doubles perfromances- Court and Navratilova
Best Combined Singles/Doubles performances- Court and Navratilova
Graf/Navratilova :

Steffi has more slams, more Australian Open, more French Open, more US Open, more consecutive weeks at #1, more weeks at #1, more year-ends at #1, more consecutive weeks in the top 2, more French Open-Wimbledon, more hardcourt slams, more little slams, a Golden Slam, won all the slams at least 4 times each, 13 straight slam finals, the best 2 years back-to-back in 88-89 winning 7 slams + a final..., defended all the slams 2 times each, won all the slams on all the surfaces 6 times each.

Navratilova has more wimbledon, more titles, better % for a season in '83. But Navratilova won half of her slams at Wimbledon, 12 out of 18 on grass.
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