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Default Finding my strokes after 20 years. Stroke video inside

Getting back into tennis after about 20 years of inactivity. I used to play almost daily as a junior, and won the occasional club tournament. Stopped playing from college onwards (maybe once a year casual hitting, with a few months semi serious play in 2001 while I was in Hawaii for half a year) forward 20 years, and enrolling my son in a summer tennis camp has reignited my desire to play.

Surprisingly, the groundstrokes are still there after all this time. The footwork...not so much, and the tennis brain needs a lot of work. Thinking too much in match play situations!

Anyway, I did take video. Please feel free to comment and point out any areas of improvement. Still using my old Yonex RQ1500 long. This is after 2 weeks and ~ 6 hour long hitting sessions. "Smart targets" placed in opposite court.
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