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Originally Posted by Xonemains View Post
wow. are you sure the P1 is that good??

LOL, i think it is.

you better write down the racquet weight and balance b4 you return the demo then, just for future reference
Hi Xonemains,

Yeah, I'm glad somebody caught the depth of that statement, ha ha.The P1 was quite a revelation for me. Yes, I will def heed your advice, gonna weigh and balance everything before I ship it back (If) I ship it back.

I went looking for a softer frame than my 2012 PD+, so I could keep using my GOAT Gut/Poly hybrid. But I think I might have found a far superior frame for me all the way around. The big test will be getting some quality court time with some of my 4.5, and 5.5 hitting partners. We'll she how she holds up to those deep and diving spinning eggs.

Will likely quickly obtain a P1 used, cause I'd be comfortable using one in any of my league matches. That will buy me some time to demo against some other frames on my list... PK 7G, Head IG Radical Pro, Donnay X-99 Blue.

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