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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Of course but the Seles stabbing is not just any what if. It is not a what if like a person getting injured or ill, or a personal problem. It is a one time situation that has never happened before in any sport, an athlete being injured in the coruse of battle with the intent to help another athlete. It undeniably casts a cloud over the beneficiary.
Oh NadalAgassi GURL, I see you are back to your old wicked ways.

And for the record, there never has, and never will be a cloud over the "beneficiary" of this incident you refer to. Just you are attempt at a clever way of demeaning Graf. Something you've done for a long time. And funny, the longer these things are debated by experts, Graf's position only gets stronger (and no one ever talks about any "cloud".
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