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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Getting back into tennis after about 20 years of inactivity. I used to play almost daily as a junior, and won the occasional club tournament. Stopped playing from college onwards (maybe once a year casual hitting, with a few months semi serious play in 2001 while I was in Hawaii for half a year) forward 20 years, and enrolling my son in a summer tennis camp has reignited my desire to play.

Surprisingly, the groundstrokes are still there after all this time. The footwork...not so much, and the tennis brain needs a lot of work. Thinking too much in match play situations!

Anyway, I did take video. Please feel free to comment and point out any areas of improvement. Still using my old Yonex RQ1500 long. This is after 2 weeks and ~ 6 hour long hitting sessions. "Smart targets" placed in opposite court.
Nice looking strokes. A wider, lower stance on both sides, and a consistent open stance on your forehand will help. Notice how sometimes your right foot kicks to the left on your forehand. You are, correctly, trying to transfer your weight from right to left, but, your stance doesn't allow it when it is either too high, narrow, not sufficiently open, or all of the above.

I would also suggest that you employ more unit turn (back and forth), on both sides and less independent arm swing. You are swinging too much with your arm independent of upper body rotation. A lower, wider stance will help facilitate that as well.

PS: This is an excellent short lesson on the modern forehand. He doesn't explain everything he's doing in such a short time, but, what he doesn't explain, he demonstrates very well.

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