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Here is my review after few hours of hitting.

First of all few pictures of my racquet.

My Regular string set up : Hybrid ( Poly in the mains + Gosen OGSM in crosses)

Current Setup : Prototype B in mains (48lb) + Pro's Pro hitek multifiber in crosses (52lb)

Racquet brand and model used for test : Yonex Ti 70 Long

Feel : Slightly Crispy. Earlier i played with a full bed of Multi and it was very soft. When compared to it this is not as soft.

Tension maintenance : So far i didn't notice any tension loss. It was strung just two days back. May be i need to update this review after a week.

Control : Excellant control. The racquet i am using is control oriented racquet and this String didn't mess any thing. I was able to change the direction of the ball on my forehand and backhand with out any issues.

Spin : I am a flat hitter with little bit of spin. I didn't notice any excessive spin. How ever when i tried to generate some spin i can definitely notice the spin. But again that's not how hit most of my strokes.

Comparison to my full bed multi : This has plenty of power. With full bed multi i needed to generate my own power. It's not like i am hitting lost of balls long.

Tension recommendations : 48 Mains + 52 Crosses. This is my regular setup and i didn't try to change it.

General comments : Overall i am happy with this String. I don't think i like the full bed of this. But as a hybrid setup so far i didn't find any drawbacks.

Will update my review after a week or two to see how the tension maintenance and others aspects of the string change over time.


I have played few more days with the same setup and the more i play the more i start to like this String. My initial assessment of Spin is no longer true. If you want to generate spin this string has it.

The String bed is very consistent and i can hit the slices with more accuracy and there is good response on my ground strokes.

over all i am happy with this string.

the only thing i miss is i didn't try the full bed. With the slight elbow symptoms i am not trying the poly full beds.



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