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Originally Posted by Steffi-forever View Post
Graf/Navratilova :

Steffi has more slams, more Australian Open, more French Open, more US Open, more consecutive weeks at #1, more weeks at #1, more year-ends at #1, more consecutive weeks in the top 2, more French Open-Wimbledon, more hardcourt slams, more little slams, a Golden Slam, won all the slams at least 4 times each, 13 straight slam finals, the best 2 years back-to-back in 88-89 winning 7 slams + a final..., defended all the slams 2 times each, won all the slams on all the surfaces 6 times each.

Navratilova has more wimbledon, more titles, better % for a season in '83. But Navratilova won half of her slams at Wimbledon, 12 out of 18 on grass.
To add Martina also has over 1400 match wins, 9 straight years winning 10+ titles (Steffi only won 10+ titles in I think 4 or 5 years), won a major in singles in 3 different decades and made multiple major finals in 3 different decades. She also made 1 more major final then Steffi did, although steffi has a far superior win % in major finals ( something like 72-56 or something).

Its close between them. Martina was also decent on hardcourts despite during her career them being less present on the tour. She had 3 seasons where she went undefeated on hard (although one of those was only 12-0) and one where she went 30-2. Her career record on hard is like 298-50 or something. I am not 100% on all these numbers but Martina deserves to be right up there with Steffi. Its close. Both were phenominal women in their own ways.
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