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Originally Posted by Mike Hodge View Post
I let unsolicited advice slide --- once. After that, I tell the person that the only time I want advice is: 1) when I'm paying for it. or 2) ask for it.

Sometimes people actually offer quality advice, but in Cindy's case this was classic insecure, passive-aggressive nonsense. Incredibly poor form, IMO.
dood y u gotta ascribe nefarious motives 2 ppl? ur sayin its passive-agg but who knows. my bro is a ski instructor, but dad still gives him tips when we hit the slopes. some ppl just wanna help

tennis be a social sport n we all out there 2 have some fun, meet some ppl n get better. lotsa ppl enjoy riffin off each other n gettin feedback on their shots - look at this forum, every1 always chattin about what they do good n bad. mebbe sometimes unsolicited advice a bit misguided but no need 2 get all bent out o shape about it. just ignore it if u dont like it. tbh it seems more insecure 2 take offense at advice than 2 just let it slide

i generally prefer 2 mind my own bizniz but i dont mind if other ppl comment on my strokes - either compliments or tips. put it this way - if u tell me im droppin my head on my serve, at least i have a choice 2 dismiss it as stupid/irrelevant. if u never mention it, i may never kno i have a problem

at the end of the day, y do i care if my opp thinks i have perfect or flawed shots? scoreboard brah. it aint changin

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