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^^^ Agree with previous poster.

If those are the machines I think they are, I would snap up that Ektelon (if it is the one on craigslist in Woodstock GA, the guy is only asking $100). The table is upgraded and the tension head works--$100 is a steal. You could have it really tuned and add modern Neos clamps (if needed) for a couple 100 more. Honestly, I have actually thought about buying it myself (I just helped restore a machine in worse shape than that that cost $50 bucks more), but I have enough projects. After that, I would pick the Zebest (it is basically the same as the Eagnas and looks to be in better shape and is only $200 (I could make a decent argument to get it instead of the Ektelon but I know the Ektelon is a tank). My last pick is the Gamma--only because I am not a fan of drop weights (don't get me wrong, they work just fine and the Gamma is a good one, I just prefer non-drop weights). Good luck.
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