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Originally Posted by TeflonTom View Post
i generally prefer 2 mind my own bizniz but i dont mind if other ppl comment on my strokes - either compliments or tips.
This is my general attitude about it as well. As you said, we're out there to have fun, make new tennis friends, and hopefully improve while doing it. I haven't played that many league matches since getting back into tennis, and so far nobody who's competing at (or slightly above or below) my level has offered me any advice, and I haven't offered anybody at any level any advice. I think we realize that we're all playing more or less equally badly, and we're able to have a laugh about it.

The two players who did offer me advice are competing at a much higher level than me, and they did preface their advice with compliments, and since I had good hitting sessions with both of them, I was thankful for what they offered.

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