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Originally Posted by ChadW View Post

Great information and just what I needed to hear. The Zebest looks to be in the best shape (of the cranks), but I was worried about the quality, though the seller says he uses it a lot.

I knew the Ektelon was the best brand, but was concerned about the age, but again, it's been put to use recently, so I guess it's functional. He said he has to add a pound to get the tension right, and that there's a little rust on the crank arm. Should that be a warning?

Then I was deciding that the newer Gamma might be the way to go even though I liked the ease of learning on a crank.

Thanks again for your help. I'll be sure to be around asking a lot more questions with pictures of my 'new' stringer!
Good luck with that. I am glad it looks like it will be going to an interested and enthusiastic stringer. I have the H Manual in pdf so I am happy to get that to you if you need it (pretty much the same).
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