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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
From 1982 to 1985 the belief was Martina's best on clay > Chris's best. The 1984 French final Chris didnt even play badly and still got destroyed. The 1985 French final the belief was Chris had to play out of her mind to beat a subpar Martina. In the 1986 French Chris was up and down all event, and actually played a bad first set of the final, and still came back to win over an in form Martina, so by 1986 this had obviously changed and Chris's best on clay > Martina's best again, but for several years before that it was not the case. For that to be so shows what a strong clay court Martina was. Plus the 1987 French where at 30 and past her prime she spanked Evert (granted Chris was even older but both were still playing strong tennis then) and then outplayed and should have beaten a prime soon to be #1 Graf on a surface Graf was supposed to dominate Martina but couldnt.
So happy for Kathy Horvath in Paris in 1983. But had Chris and Martina met in the French final that year it may have been one of their best ever. Chris was on a roll in the slams but Martina had already throttled her at the YEC.

Agreed on the 1985 final. The match was exciting but overly romanticized in our memories. Martina, as Pam Shriver put it, played so average. She hit short and rolled her forehamd with excessive topspin that made her extremely attackable and did little to set up approaches. Their matches in 1984 at the US Open and 1987 at Houston and Wimbledon were better in quality to me.
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