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Let me clear the air, I didn't read all 9 pages of stuff but there looks like there's a quite a bit of confusion here.

Poly strings, generally known as the strings which produce the most spin, are inherently smooth by nature. Look at RPM, it's a very smooth string, round and non textured. It's claim to fame from babolat is the strings 'move' and return to their original place post hit.

Poly's generate spin by being a very dead string bed. They absorb pace but don't generate a rebound like more 'elastic' strings. This results in the ball staying on the string bed longer allowing the players muscles to rip the ball more by carrying it more. That's why most polys are considered as very low powered strings.

Yes poly strings move alot! This is how they absorb incoming pace and spin. The more the strings move the more power they can absorb across the string bed and not give it back into the ball. If the strings don't move the less contact you will get with the ball = I don't care if they were made of barbwire = you will get less spin and control.

Violin string or Polyester? Polyester will generate more spin hands down everytime. Though your more likely to take a chunk out of the ball with violin string!


Poly strings move = Absorb pace = Longer Dwell time = More spin = less power.
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