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Iontec Black plays blegh in the BM 300 Tour. There's such a severe lack of pop even at 46# that it kills the frame for me. I'm leaving it in the hot car for a day to see if it'll remedy. It does serve nicely though-- there's a silly sense of accuracy at the sacrifice of mph and rpm.

ItB plays decently in my radicals. It's not quite what I remember the salmon being but it's still solid. Serves and volleys are still killer. Played 1st dubs at 4.5 last night and I didn't even bother hitting a flat serve, no one could handle the kick.

I have a whole bunch of stuff coming in today including Hybrix Spin, Hybrix power, Volkl Cyclone, and some more B7.

Let me know what you guys would like to see out of the following:
(Definite) B7 with 95D
Poly Star Energy
Volkl Cyclone
Kirschbaum Hybrix Spin/ Power
Mamba Premium Natural as a cross with Iontec mains
MPN as a full bed

Oh, and I put holes in my propulse 3s so I picked up a pair of blue SFXs on a friend's recommendation-- interesting shoe
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