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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Hi All,

Question: Which frame or line series has the most muted, damp, buttery feel to it? The type of frame that makes a *thud* sound, not a *twang* sound?

Situation: I have three demo racquets on hand.
1.Pro One 16x19 strung with a full bed of multi,
2. X-White 99 Extended with poly mains
3. XP-Dual Black 102 with poly mains

I like the damp, muted feel of the Pro One, but it's the only demo strung with full multi, so I cant get a fair comparison, can't quite tell what's going on here, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


what do you think about the x-white extended i have been looking on the white éxt and the yellow ext since i like the longer racket , currently with the instinct tour xl .
New holy grail head radical tour mp xl candycane strung with rpm blast at 55 pounds !
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