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Originally Posted by Up&comer View Post
So the artist and craftsman already know exactly how the human body works? They know how to perform a quadruple bypass surgery? They know about the countless chemical reactions that take place in the body that explain why ibuprofen helps your sore muscles feel better or why potassium helps prevent cramps? They already understand how the brain works and why when you smell something it is so much easier to remember than seeing something? Hell, they already knew about cells and how, even at a microscopic level how there is more going on than we can wrap our minds around, how we are creating millions of ATP molecules a second, and how we have enough DNA to stretch from here to the moon, all replicated near perfectly because of enzymes that can check over every strand and fix it if it is wrong. And it was common knowledge to them how these hundreds of miles of DNA are transcripted by enzymes into RNA which is then sent to a ribosome winch can then essentially read the RNA and attach the correct amino acid, which eventually form proteins, which make up us.

They knew that, though.
My, my! Sorry if I offended you.
I was comparing tennis racquets and playing to musical instruments and composition and the other Arts and crafts such as woodworking/luthiery.
Stradivari did not need to know the chemical formula for the shellac that he used.

Of course, my statement was overly simplistic.
I just have an issue with some who try to describe what happens in tennis purely in terms of Physics while ignoring the Psychological aspect of the game and how we perceive reality.
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