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Unhappy My Wise 2086 Tension Head Died!!!

Horrible timing for my Wise 2086 to die

Strung up a few sticks. Grabbed a beer came back and my display was blank. Only thing lit up on the display was the decimal point. I consider myself tech savvy so I checked my outlet with a volt meter and everything was fine. Disconnected the wiring and gave it another try and no dice. The panel and other buttons were completely unresponsive and the lit decimal point was all I saw.

My history with Herb hasn't been as rocky as some of the other posters but I am starting to have issues with the durability of the tension heads. This

I bought my first Wise in April of 08, and had a replacement one sent to me four months later. Used it regularly for 2 years or so and then boxed it up for a little over a year because I was Deployed to Afghanistan.

Is this the normal life span of these add on tension heads? Looks like I'm going to be on tension head number 3

The 2 year limited warranty is up so I am expecting to get the shaft on repairs or replacement parts.

As a side note: I called the support line and they were quick to tell me to mail it back. I got the typical follow the directions on our website response.

When the tension head is operational it is and awesome addition to my machine but I may go back to a crank if they quote me at some outrageous price.
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