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Originally Posted by fortun8son View Post
My, my! Sorry if I offended you.
I was comparing tennis racquets and playing to musical instruments and composition and the other Arts and crafts such as woodworking/luthiery.
Stradivari did not need to know the chemical formula for the shellac that he used.

Of course, my statement was overly simplistic.
I just have an issue with some who try to describe what happens in tennis purely in terms of Physics while ignoring the Psychological aspect of the game and how we perceive reality.
I actually barely remember writing that. I kept getting woken up by my dog and I finally jumped on TT at about 2:30 in the morning while in a pretty bad mood. I completely overreacted to that post. My apologies.

As for your second statement, while in part I agree with you, the simple fact is that there is nothing special about how a string plays that can't be explained through science. Saying how a string feels really couldn't be well measured as it is a mental perception. I have had people say ALU has better feel that Wilson gut.

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