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Originally Posted by claudioRM View Post
I think I have the European version that weight 325gr the paint job should be the same.
No. You have the (so-called American version of) BA98 with yellow precision into the bridge paintjob that contains a 100% graphite composition. I mean this one
The BA98 2012 version is the so-called European version that has a weight of 325 gr. unstrung. This one contains the SpiralTech Carbon composition as well.

I only don't understand why the specs of the BA98 2012 (and the previous BA98 as well) mentioned at TW USA differ a lot from the TW Europe site as they are the same models. I still believe the specs of TW Europe are correct as I checked this with my 2 BA98s. They don't swing nowhere like a 331 SW. Much lighter around a 315 SW I guess.

I never found a BA98 (with the yellow precision) that was that heavy like yours. Where did you buy it? I wished I could find that one as I prefer the weight of my Redondo and I tried to match my BA98 to those ones.
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