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Originally Posted by jdubbs View Post
Something John Isner's mom said the other day made me think of this thread. She said there were a lot of juniors who went pro while John went to college. Now he's top 10 or close to it and none of them made it.

With the game becoming so physical and guys doing better later in life, it's better to get your degree and compete straight after.

I guarantee Kosakowski will struggle in the lower levels until he can't afford to tour anymore (since it costs $140K on average to tour). He could go back to school later in life, but of course it won't be paid for.

Kind of a sad story.
I think the $140K (and similar) estimates that have been given in these discussions are wildly exaggerated. They assume things like traveling with a coach for half the weeks in the year or whatever, and staying in hotel rooms week after week. The truth is that a lot of players only get some coaching on their weeks back home in between Futures tournaments, and they often stay with a local family who belongs to the club that is hosting the Futures.

That does not make it easy to make a good living at tennis, but it greatly reduces the number of people who are supposedly losing their shirts while playing tennis.
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