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Originally Posted by t-swede View Post
what do you think about the x-white extended i have been looking on the white éxt and the yellow ext since i like the longer racket , currently with the instinct tour xl .
Hi t-swede,

I just double checked, the extended frame i have for demo (despite being mostly white) is actually called x-dual 99 silver light extended. Got it directly from Donnay, and not sold at TW. The specs are close, but differ a bit from the x-white 99 ext. Out of the three Donnays i demoed, it was my least favorite. Its not a bad hit, but i liked the others much more. Its a light and stiff frame, and somehow its way more comfortable and stable than the specs would suggest. I had fun serving with it, that's the strong suit. Had no trouble snapping my wrist and making tiny little adjustments mid swing, something that's always problematic with long and heavy. Just cant find a groove with it on groundies tho.

The x-p dual is pretty sweet, liked that much better right away within the first few swings. The Pro One however, hits like buttah.. So very plush and so effing awesome. I typically look for 100-105 extended, heavyish and headlight. The P1 isnt something i anticipated liking to this extent. I know where the ball is going, the sense of control I get could be real game changer for me. Unless I demo something that blows my doors off, i will have Donnay spec me some 27.25 or 27.5 Pro Ones.

--> If somebody could compare the P1 to the x-99 blue that would b super awesome! Those are impossible to demo, or even buy retail for that matter.

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