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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
From 1982 to 1985 the belief was Martina's best on clay > Chris's best. The 1984 French final Chris didnt even play badly and still got destroyed. The 1985 French final the belief was Chris had to play out of her mind to beat a subpar Martina. In the 1986 French Chris was up and down all event, and actually played a bad first set of the final, and still came back to win over an in form Martina, so by 1986 this had obviously changed and Chris's best on clay > Martina's best again, but for several years before that it was not the case. For that to be so shows what a strong clay court Martina was. Plus the 1987 French where at 30 and past her prime she spanked Evert (granted Chris was even older but both were still playing strong tennis then) and then outplayed and should have beaten a prime soon to be #1 Graf on a surface Graf was supposed to dominate Martina but couldnt.

I NEVER decide 'best' years because its always inevitably cherry -picking for an agenda. I look at a career. Martina was clearly the best clay courter in the world in 1984. That is the year, 1984. Not '82, 83, or 85, let alone 1975, 76,77,78,79, 80,81,86,87,88,89,or 90. Now all you have to do is stop picking and choosing and ask yourself on which surface was the disparity in wins/ losses the greatest in the Evert/ Navratilova rivalry for either one, NadalAgassi . Was it hard courts, grass, carpet or clay? Its a division problem

Hard courts: Navratilova 9-7
Clay courts: Evert 11–3
Grass courts: Navratilova 10–5
Carpet courts: Navratilova 21-14

Now don't make excuses or explain it away. Just look at the disparity including events from the first time they met on clay to the last time they met on clay in 1988.

Now then look at all those tourney's each won on clay and add them up and who they beat. Resist the temptation to 'interpret' or spin the scores, or label the opponents. This isn't even close in results. Now while I agree Martina could have won far more if she had entered more on the continent. I don't give credit for what she could have done. she walks off with two RG titles, 4 other RG finals and virtually nothing else on red clay for a 20 year career. Tis a fine record for a women's champion. Its much better than King's, and Williams for example. Its the worst record of the 7 women I listed who have clear GOAT CREDS.

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