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Default RED99 "trampoline'launch" conundrum

Originally Posted by pgtennisconnect View Post
Greetings fellow Donnayians,

I bought the X-Blue99 last month, based solely on careful analysis of customer feedback reviews, playtester video validation, etc...turns out to be my BEST tennis racket purchase ever! Can't even describe in sensible Physics terms how the Xenecore technology can make the Blue99 feel soooooo darn good

I was using solely old skool rackets for the last 2yrs, preferring an all-court game with tactical volleying, attacking slices and heavy forehands with mid-range topspin application. Not like today's baseline flat hitters or wristy topspin bashers. My old rackets include the POG1987, POG II, Slazenger Pro Braided Trinity

Because the Blue99 has been so much of my magic stick for the past month, I got really disappointed when TW ran outta stock & didn't replenish; except for certain used stick resales which popped up but disappeared again just as fast So, naturally when the RED99 got listed as a Grade-A resale stick at irresistable price, I just had to make a quick move for it as my backup stick.

Alas, the RED99 turned out truly disappointing. It simply isn't anywhere near the BLUE99 league & quality. Referring to one user review in 2011 which says he felt a very strange "springy", trampoline-like feedback from its stringbed each time the ball leaves. That's EXACTLY the same phenomena I'm experiencing now

It's kinda depressing, cos I'm so dialed-in into the rock, solid, muted feel of BLUE99..that using the RED99 (as a backup doubles stick) ended up affecting my confidence. The "boing-boing" trampoline feel off the RED99 is so baffling; mysteriously unexplainable, as its specs are only 9g (static weight) & 12kg-cm^2 (swingweight) off from the BLUE99 - with ALL other things being equal (ATBE).

I restrung to a different co-poly mains @ 3lbs higher, but it doesn't overcome the trampoline signal. It's a saddening situation to love the BLUE99 so much..yet struggling to find any affection with the RED99..

My fellow Donnayians: Any suggestions on how i should reconstruct the stringbed to overcome this dilemma? I realize there's a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to this used stick, but the cost involved in returning it (all the way fr M'sia!) is a mental turnoff by itself

My current string setup:
Mains: Isospeed Baseline16 Ctrl Poly @ 58lbs, (tweaked to Dunlop Explosive17 Co-poly @ 60lbs, 3 days ago)
Cross: Dunlop Synthetic Gut16 @ 55lbs

Happy hitting!
Penang island, Malaysia
Eureka! Setting up a 50-53lbs full co-poly stringbed setup finally took care of the "trampoline" launch issue on my RED99. The 2week burn-in period for this stick was kinda rough for me (compared to almost zero adjustment time on the BLUE99); lots to things to discover/rediscover, adjust & tweak...before finally harvesting its full aerodynamic & techy frame advantages

The power level on my RED99 is still awesomely brutal though; control is still an issue. Suitable for an all-assault aggressive singles game..while the touch+feel finesse of my BLUE99 augurs better for all-court doubles play
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