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I was in a WHOPPING bad mood last night. I played singles for my 4.0 team and lost 4-6, 4-6 after winning the night before at 1st doubles 4.5. While the other player definitely was skilled, I ultimately beat myself. He even recognized it apparently having seen me play before

The whopping mad part? I spent a ton of time a few hours before my match finishing up my Econogut 101 thread by stringing Mamba Premium Natural Crosses @ 52 taking all the care and I manage to pop it in the first outing. I warmed up with the ItB/Mpn (50/52) for about 10 minutes then switched over to a full bed of ItB for the first set. Battled it out and lost the first set whence I decided I needed a bit more control and switched over to the hybrid. 3rd point in I finally got a good read on my opponent's serve and went to lay the hurt on the ball. Little did I know, the court was flawed and my opponent put God knows what extra on the ball but the resulting serve kicks out to my right like a slice (mind you my opponent was about 6'7'' and kicking balls over my head regularly). I hit slightly higher in the stringbed than intended and the MPN explodes. So not cool.

I checked the string before installing it and couldn't find any defects and did a clean job especially for the tutorial; I have no clue what happened

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