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Regular setup: Babolat Hurricane Pro Tour 16 or Signum Pro Tornado 17
Type: prototype B
String bed type: full
Tension: 57 lbs.
Racquet: Babolat Aero Pro Drive GT
Power level: Mid
Feel: The bed had a crispness to it but I might have needed to string it at low 50s to get the power to where I'm used it.
Tension maintenance: Played 4 sets on it and I haven't noticed a significant drop in tension over the norm.
Control: Control seems on par with my normal setup.
Spin: Although prototype B did have texture, I didn't notice an increase in spin.
Compare to the string you use most often
Tension recommendations: I would like to try the same set at 52-54 lbs.
General comments (please summarize likes and dislikes): This string felt very close to Luxilon Alu Big Banger 16 to me. The crispness and the feel was very close to it.

This was my first time trying out Solinco branded strings and had no expectations prior to hitting. After couple sets, it started reminding me of the said Luxilons and was not used to the subdued feel of the strings. I'm not cutting them out yet and will give it couple more weeks to see where the feel and tension will go and report on it if it's any different.

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