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Originally Posted by Uvijek Argen View Post
Credit where credit is due. Strung the half set left of poly tour spin for a guy that I sold my RDS 001 MP in the mains with Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Spiral Flex in the crosses at 58/60.
I remember when I used to own that racket not being able to string that high cause will kill my arm. During the period I own that racket I use to string high 40's and was enough.
Well, with this set up at this tension he let me hit a few balls and was impressive soft with a great pop and good control. Im not going too deep in a review, just to let know the ones before that read from me that was stiff(that was strung it in a Yonex Xi 98 )...well is not in the RDS 001 MP.
I never felt the spin was stiff, maybe it's the racquet. But the 100S isn't exactly a flexible racquet to begin with. Maybe the xi 98 & the spin just isn't a good match.

The pop on these strings are good, especially the sound of it when stuck clean...

The only negatives - after 4 hours of hard hitting, the edges do get rounded off and the trampoline effect slowly kicks in.

They are my standard strings now.
Pacific X Force Modified (333g/5HL/333SW) + Solinco Tourbite 19 (1.10)
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