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Originally Posted by TeflonTom View Post
we usually have at least one jr grand slam singles champ each year

2012 - townsend won AO girls
2011 - fratangelo won FO boys, grace min won USO girls
2010 - sock won USO boys
2009 - nothin
2008 - coco vanderweighe won uso girls
2007 - don young won wimby boys

I agree with the statistics. My point was that on the boys side, it seems like the kids do come from a private coaching environment as opposed to the USTAPD trained kids. It seems like from the names of the kids that were part of USTAPD in the last 6 -8 years, most of them wound up in college. Unless I am wrong and do not have sufficient information.

Can anyone name someone from USTAPD program in the last 5 years who went on to become a pro? I can name plenty who are or were in college.

I can name one kid who did go pro and that s Halebian.
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