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OK new video uploaded. I'm trying to keep a wider base and make contact with the forehand earlier. Getting mixed success- still getting caught late and I think I'm still muscling the ball at times. When I do go up and across the ball, I seem to be hitting at a lower trajectory over the net. Please do point out where I can improve, thanks!

Added some video of me at the net as well. Camera ran out of battery just when I was gonna take serve video..but the overheads may give you a preview of my issues with the serve kinetic chain.
One of the problems with giving advice is when the person who asked for it doesn't believe the advice is correct. Apparently, you didn't believe me the first time, because you haven't done anything I suggested. But, I'm a persistent fellow, so I'll try again.

- Consistently set up with a wide, low, OPEN STANCE. Not a neutral stance, not a closed stance.
- With the left hand on the throat of the racquet, right wrist laid back, and elbow IN and FORWARD (ie: against your body and in front of your pocket), turn your upper body until your chest is facing about 4:00 O'Clock from above. The racquet head should be straight up and the face of the racquet also pointing to about 4:00 O'Clock. Your stance is still wide, low and open, and your weight is primarily on your right foot with the toes of both feet facing the right fence.
- At this point you have completed your turn and your arm hasn't moved.
- Let go of the throat of the racquet with your left hand and begin rotating your right hip toward the target. The racquet head drops back. The hips pull the shoulders which pull the arm and racquet through the shot.
- As you rotate, lead with your elbow and butt of the racquet (VERY IMPORTANT). Swing up and make contact at least 2 feet in front of your right foot.
- Your weight begins to transfer from your right foot to your left foot, which is from right to left, not back to front, because you are still in a wide, low OPEN STANCE.
- At contact your left elbow moves up and away initiating the WW finish.
- As you continue turning, the racquet moves across the body and you turn until your chest is facing about 9:00 O'Clock and the racquet head is down near your left hip. Your feet have pivoted so that the toes of both feet are now facing the left side fence.

Did you check out this lesson? You could do worse than to immitate this guy:

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