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This was a fine performance of Laver. He never lost his serve, and after some slow beginning, he took command in the second and third sets with immaculate net play. In my mind, he could have some concentration lapses in the 1969 Wim, but here 1968, in the matches with Ashe and Roche, he was devastating. In the Ashe sf i remember a point, i think set point in the first, when he was driven wide out, and landed in the spectators row, only to throw up a sudden topspin lob, that left Ashe hammering desperately into the air. Laver emerged slowly from the first spectators row. In the Roche final, i remember a point, when he was overlobbed, but ran to the baseline and with his back to the net, hit a deadly backhand past the incoming Roche. I haven't seen the Roche match in full on the sellers videos on the internet.

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