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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
besides pesto, 2 things Ive tried:
1. marinate with basil, garlic, whole black pepper, salt, whole fat yogurt (strained through a cheesecloth is even better), pinch of cumin, mint leaves (optional). dump into food processor and make paste. then stir in yogurt. goes very well with leg of lamb or flatten grilled Chicken or bnls country style pork ribs. be sure to marinate overnight with bigger pieces of meat. marinate will keep for up to a week.
2. over a grilled pita bread or fresh naan they sell at costco. with some mozz. cheese. excellent light /fast meal. be sure to put fresh slice mozz cheese over basil to avoid flying basil.
Not to be a down(er) CB....but we can't do yogurt or cheese; it's that cow's milk allergy thing...gets us sent to the ER. I might just give the "paste" thing a try and make a "rub" for some chicken. We love garlic and salt around here.
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