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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
It seems like when people want to argue wrong theories about strings, they cite Technical Tennis.
OK, leave Lindsey and Cross out of it.

Have you tried full poly at low tensions in an open stringbed?

I have played with a POG OS for the last 3 years. Have tried nearly every possible string and tension combo. Mostly use full poly at 45 lbs. Very spinny. Spinnier than full poly at 60 lbs, which I used to use, or than poly and syn gut at 50 lbs., which I used for about a year.

I've also strung this racquet with the same poly at 30 lbs. Insane spin. At this tension, the "ball flattens more on any poly at any tension" argument falls apart.

What's happening?

At any rate, this is a fascinating question to try to solve. So many variables.
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