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Default FS/T: Guidelines/FAQ - READ BEFORE POSTING!

Hey TW,
I was hoping to get some For Sale/Trade guidelines posted, so people (especially new traders) can get their questions answered about shipping, dealing with traders with no feedback, and perhaps getting a standardized format going. If you find this post suitable, please stick the entire thread in the FS/T forum, I'll be updating/editing it as I go along. I've got no mod rights in the FS/T, so I can't post/sticky the thread. Thanks!

To make the FS/T section easier to browse, we ask that sellers please include the following:

In the thread title:
  • Type of trade: For Sale = FS, For Trade = FT. If you are Selling OR trading FS/T.
  • Item(s) and Quantity if possible. e.g. (2x) Tecnifibre 325
  • If there is room:
    • Condition
    • Grip size
  • Example Thread title: FS/T: (2x) Tecnifibre 325, 4 3/8, 8/10
In the thread itself:
  • Grip size: Often times I see racquet listings without grip size. This is one of the more important determining factors of a sale. Due to the nature of our FS/T sub-forum, it is hard to ask questions, please include ALL pertinent information UP FRONT!
  • CONTACT INFORMATION!!!: If you are selling something, please include some contact information. Telling interested buyers to leave their e-mail address is inefficient, and can prolong the sale. Leave an e-mail address if you are comfortable, or enable e-mailing through your profile. This protects your e-mail from spam bots, and allows interested parties to contact you quickly and easily. If you DO enable your profile e-mail, please leave a note in your thread with this information.
  • Payment Terms: Although Paypal is a popular, and relatively secure/usable service, not everyone supports it's use. Please leave your terms of payment so there is no confusion or questions. Having all the information up front could mean the difference between a sale and a buyer backing out. Common payment terms include: Cashier's Check, Cash On Delivery (COD), Money Order (Postal, or otherwise), Paypal (include whether or not you accept credit card paypal), Cash.
  • Delivery options: Please list your preferred method of shipment. USPS Priority is a good one, for sellers that are new. Fedex, UPS, DHL, and method are all options. Local Pick up is also an option that users may like.
  • Condition of goods: A rated condition is mandatory. Please include an "out of ten" rating for your items. 8/10, 9/10, etc. (More included in FAQ)
  • Pictures: Obviously, you can only describe so much in words, pictures are a great addition to a thread. (More included in FAQ)
  • For racquets: If the racquet is strung, include the string type and tension if you know it. Date strung is also good if you know it.
  • Any other conditions you might have: Some people allow "dibs" on an item. This is not such a big deal with our system, but if you leave a "dibs" message in the thread, you should be committed to purchase the item. Do NOT call dibs if you are unwilling to follow through.
Q: What do I do with my thread after it has outlived it's usefulness? (Items sold) Can I delete my thread?
At the moment, users are not allowed to close or remove their own threads, if you'd like your thread removed, or would like it to die, edit the original post as "SOLD." and let it drop. If you prefer to have it deleted, contact an admin of the site (TW Staff), as the moderators have no post editing powers in the for sale/trade sub forums.

Other loose guidelines:
Please do NOT shout (i.e. write in all CAPS). This is annoying. 'Nuff said.
Please do NOT "crap" on another user's thread. If you don't like the price, or find something outrageous, just leave the thread alone.

These are trading guidelines. It would be nice if new thread makers follow these guidelines, but it is not required. If you are new to trading, or are unfamiliar with the way things work, I encourage you to use these ideas to make trading on our boards as easy, and as hitch-free as possible. We know that people make mistakes, so here are some helpful hints/tips to make your sale as quick and easy as possible!
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